Drumset Method for Beginners

Imagine! not just learning how to read rhythms but applying that knowledge in many different ways around the drumset.

The IMAGINATION Drumset Method book is designed to kick start your imagination by taking simple snare drum reading exercises and showing how they may be applied to the drumset. You will learn how to read in a relatively short period of time and then apply those reading abilities to construct drum beats, fills, play styles, and read drum charts.

IMAGINATION starts the beginner in snare drum reading exercises of quarter notes, eighth notes, triplets and sixteenth notes. After each exercise, drum beats are constructed from the snare drum rhythms. Styles of drum beats include Rock, Shuffle, Slow Blues, Triplet Rock Beats and 16th Note Rock. The student then uses the reading exercises to play fills around the drumset. Additional practice suggestions for exercises are included. Each section is followed by a drum chart, incorporating all the exercises the student has mastered. There are also 15 pages of note and music paper at the end of the drumset method for the student or teacher to write additional practice routines or plan for the next lesson.

About The Author : Sonny Froman is a professional drummer and teacher in the Honolulu, Hawaii area. He has recently performed with Judy Collins, Rich Little, Don Ho, Phil Woods, Manhattan Rhythm Kings, to name a few and pops' concerts with the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra. As a teacher, Sonny has had great results with his students using the IMAGINATION Drumset Method.

Table of Contents
About the Author
Practice Suggestions
Drum Legend
A Few Musical Signs
More Signs
* Quarter Note Exercises/ Basic Drum Beat/ Chart Exercise #1.
* Eighth Note Exercises/ The Rock Beat/ Creating Drum Beats With 8th Notes/

Eighth Note Rock Beat Exercise/ Chart Exercise #2.
* Dotted Eight Note Exercises/ The Blues Shuffle/ Chart Exercise #3A/

Creating Shuffle Beats/ Shuffle Exercise/ Chart Exercise #3.
* Combining Even 8th's & Dotted 8th's/ Chart Exercise #4.
* Triplet Exercises/ The Slow Blues/ Chart Exercise #5.
* Combining Triplets & Dotted 8th's/ Triplet Rock Beat Exercise/ Chart Exercise #6A/

Chart Exercise #6B.

* Sixteenth Note Exercises/ Sixteenth Note Rock Groove/ Chart Exercise #7A.
* Eighth & Sixteenth Note Combinations/ Chart Exercise #7B.
* Dotted 8th and 16th Note Combinations.
* Rhythmic Breakdowns/ Chart Exercise #8.
* Notes & Music Paper.


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