Drum Sticks




16" (405mm) length, 14mm diameter.


16" (405mm) length, 15mm diameter.


16" (405mm) length, 16mm diameter.


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A Series-Maple

16 " (425mm) length with a long curved taper from the groove mid-point to the tip. There is a short curved taper from the groove mid-point to the butt-end, resulting in a slightly larger diameter at the fulcrum. This unique profile provides the A Series with exceptional balance and incredible control.

Model Length Diameter
AA 425mm 15.5mm


B Series-Maple

16" (405mm) length with a long straight taper from the tip to the butt. Featuring a precise and easy to control feel, the B Series excels as an ideal all-around drumstick; suitable for all types of players and musical genres.

Model Length Diameter
B 405mm 16.5mm
BB 405mm 17mm






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